Freeze the Trend

Technology is changing the ecosystem of fitness world. Compared to 10 years ago where there were only dumbbells, treadmills and elliptical, there are a lot more smart gadgets, smart watches, EMS Technology, performance wear and etc which make fitness training more interesting and efficient. We hope to be the one which stays connected with you along your fitness journey and helps you stay with the trend.

Elevate your Performance

We believe given the right tools, everyone’s potential is unlimited. Our team actively sources for the most exciting, useful and cutting edge products around the world. No matter what kinds of sport and what level you are playing, you will find something here which brings your performance to next level.

Best Product at the Best Price and Quality

We worked closely with no other middlemen, but manufacturers on every product listed on our store. Our sourcing team will test every product internally to ensure the products function as what they are described while our quality control team reviews the products before they are dispatched. Last but not least, we provide international shipping which is FREE for all products! We hope everyone of you will feel satisfied when you receive our products.