Complete Guide to Deep Tissue Massage – Tips & Techniques

deep tissue massage technique

If you are using your Activfreeze massage devices for deep tissue massage in the first time, make sure you read the following guideline . If you still have no idea about how amazing is the deep tissue massage, you should read this article. Turn on your deep tissue massage machine at the lowest speed before making […]

3 Tips To Reduce Sciatica Spine/ Nerve Pain

Sciatica is a terms to describe leg pain symptoms such as tingling, numbness, weakness that originates from the lower back, travelling through the buttocks and down towards the large sciatic nerve in the back of individual legs Common symptoms Pain that lasts in only one side of the buttock or leg (rare in both sides) […]

Is the NBA Player Approved Sport Recovery Massage Device- right for me?

Athletes who seek to enhance and boost sports performance with massage, good news awaits. Studies showed that percussive massage via a massage device causes muscle tissue to contract 30 times more than normal voluntary contractions. Surprisingly, muscular and fascial lengthening and strengthening occurs, similar to activities such as yoga and exercise, creating enhanced muscle recovery […]

What is the Different Between Hand Massage and Deep Tissue Massage Device?

People from various fields such as tech, industrial, health care, can be stuck in static positions during their work. However, there are common posture distortions despite being in different fields. These can cause muscle and joint sores, which can create tender and aches. As you know, massage works in muscle pain and recovery. In the […]

How Can I Relieve Neck Pain? With Secret Formula

At any point of time, you are experiencing stiff neck regions, chronic headaches from digital devices or work, or neck pain; there is a chance that you suffer from repetitive stress injury in your job. Working on a project due tomorrow, or focusing with great progress is excellent, but before you know it, you are […]

What Are the Benefit of Deep Tissue Massage Device?

Over the last 10 years, there are claims seen by many in the use of vibration in sports performance. However, I am interested to share a well-known sports recovery equipment before you decided in using vibration tech methods into personal training or craft in sports. Do spend time to understand the features and greatness of […]