Is the NBA Player Approved Sport Recovery Massage Device- right for me?

Athletes who seek to enhance and boost sports performance with massage, good news awaits.

Studies showed that percussive massage via a massage device causes muscle tissue to contract 30 times more than normal voluntary contractions. Surprisingly, muscular and fascial lengthening and strengthening occurs, similar to activities such as yoga and exercise, creating enhanced muscle recovery and strength. Combinations of such help in lessening physical stress on joints and bones, while loosening muscle tightness.

Percussive massage-therapy devices are seen publicly in use with professional athletes, notably Kyrie Irving, who used it during an NBA Finals game in 2017. Celebrities such as Diplo (left) and singer/actor Joe Jonas (right) are well known users of percussion therapy.


Is it right for me?

  • For those who suffer from chronic pain conditions (e:g; tennis elbow, frozen shoulders). Percussion therapy aids in repairing and recovering muscle fibers, leaving with more relieve in affected areas.
  • For those who likes to relax their muscles and relieve soreness.
  • For those who seek rehabilitation.
  • For those seeking for better sleep, toxin elimination, and increase mobility.

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