How Can I Relieve Neck Pain? With Secret Formula

At any point of time, you are experiencing stiff neck regions, chronic headaches from digital devices or work, or neck pain; there is a chance that you suffer from repetitive stress injury in your job.

Working on a project due tomorrow, or focusing with great progress is excellent, but before you know it, you are stuck in a similar position for hours.

As you move, you realize that your neck and shoulders feel stiff and sore, with a slight headache. Such a condition is increasingly common among office workers.

Here’s some information about the condition and steps towards recovery.


Causes of Neck Pain at work

  • Strained Posture

Several hours of sitting inactivity can result in significant strain on posture on neck, back and shoulders.

Working in this fixed position cause muscle fatigue while increasing neck pain in these regions.

Surrounding muscles contract and can experience significant pain and muscle guarding from the neck to upper back region. That caused upper back pain easily.

  • Arrangement of Desk

When the desks is ill-adjusted in height , whether high or low, it contributes to neck pain.

For instance, a low desk forces you to flex your trunk to reach and use the keyboard.

Such a position is called forward head posture. This position of seating shortens muscles at the base of the skull, creating muscle spasm, neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches.

  • Arrangement of Monitor

Like desk arrangement, the arrangement of the monitor can be a root cause of neck pain due to long hours on computer work.

One should place it a slight lower than eye level to create a neutral spine for the neck.

Many monitors come with stock stand which is attached to the screen, but most are not adjustable.

Prevention of Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain 

Neck pain can be prevented easily by inculcating a few daily habits:

1. Avoid stressing the neck:

Avoid spending time in positions that may put pressure on the neck.

For example, looking at the mobile phone or working on a computer for a long period.

2. Use the right pillow:

Sleep on a pillow that is not too high.

This helps to place the neck in a healthy position and avoid neck pain.

3. Sleep in a proper position:

Do not sleep on your abdomen as it twists or bends the neck position while sleeping and puts pressure on the neck muscles and causes neck pain

4. Refrain from carrying heavy weights:

Carrying heavy bags with shoulder straps may strain the neck and cause pain.

muscle pain neck

How do I relieve neck pain and should pain? (Easy Ways)

Among those who suffer from neck pain, how many possess knowledge of how to relief it?

Not many.

Even for those who do, scheduling it into a busy daily schedule can be troublesome.

With the deep massage device however, it is easy with aiming and shot.
Its’ wireless feature keeps it travel friendly thus making it easy to integrate into daily activities.

The massage device is lightweight, fits in any bag. Full charge lasts around 20 minutes of continuous use, and a 75% charge takes 15 minutes, while a 100% charge takes only 30 minutes.

Hence, for those who suffer from shoulder and neck pain, trying the massage device may help in the relieving the tension in muscles and reduce pain from stress, while preventing pain from shoulders and neck


Steps to Relieve Neck Pain

STEP 1: 

Attach the standard ball to the muscle device. Fix the rotating arm into the first position.

Then, turn on the device prior to body contact.


Position the massage device on your upper shoulder/neck and cautiously move around the affected pain area of a maximum 30 seconds.


Reasons of Effectiveness

Delivery of vibrations into deep muscles from the massage device can stimulate blood and lymph circulation, deliver more oxygen and nutrients to muscle and fascial tissues.

Thus, reduction of muscle fatigue and soreness, the alleviation of muscle pain and the break of muscle spams can occur; creating a strong healing effect on shoulders and neck region.

Simple and adjustable.

It only takes minutes or seconds to achieve what a massage therapist is unable to do even for hours!

Doing this should be a big part of your daily life. Awareness of your own body and your own needs can address areas that are worse than others.

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